Friday, April 10, 2009


1.Why do boys use pick up lines? [I dont have enough curses in the world to say on how much those piss me off..]

2.Who decided .THEWESTEND. was a legit source of attire?

3.How much money do i spend on clothes and food on average?

4.Why must Fendi call my name like it was made for me & make me feel victimized?

5.Why do boys pretend like they care when they dont?

6.Why, when I was going to L.A did i see a woman who dyed her hair cheetah print?

7.When did i get obsessed with cupcakes and cookies and cakes?

8.Why did i think American Apparel was the pitts until summer 07?

9.Is my baby Tyson gay for real?

10.To weave or not to weave?

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