Friday, April 10, 2009

do. not. jock. me.

..summer 09 i will be a force to be reckoned with.. thusly i want to be upfront and say if i see anyone wearing any of this their done for.. G0DBLESSTHOUGH.

1. marc jacobs button down shorts

2.Fendi hidden platform pumps

3.Tory Burch Royal Blue Jelly flats

4.More one pieces than presently

5.Long Dresses that are cotton and flowly

6.Monokinis..preferably only black ones..

reiteration: DO NOT JOCK ME


1.Why do boys use pick up lines? [I dont have enough curses in the world to say on how much those piss me off..]

2.Who decided .THEWESTEND. was a legit source of attire?

3.How much money do i spend on clothes and food on average?

4.Why must Fendi call my name like it was made for me & make me feel victimized?

5.Why do boys pretend like they care when they dont?

6.Why, when I was going to L.A did i see a woman who dyed her hair cheetah print?

7.When did i get obsessed with cupcakes and cookies and cakes?

8.Why did i think American Apparel was the pitts until summer 07?

9.Is my baby Tyson gay for real?

10.To weave or not to weave?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Algernod Lanier Washington

a.k.a Plies has OFFICIALLY and PUBLICLY lost his black mind with this one.. i dont want to insult anyones intelligence & say you didnt know he was a fool from the get.. but this shit is bananas [MUST WATCH BELOW]

SMH. as hard as it can be shook.. SHOUTOUT TO FIYA POPPIN ON A HEAD STAND.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chris Crocker swears hes a 18 year old black girl..

this is entitled Public.Service.Announcement..

his shit talking skills are the illest though..

...ankle bitin bitches... smh


okay so .. have you ever had one of those days where youre just thinkin all day long? Well whenever i have one of those days i shuffle on down to .. and almost magically all my issue seem soo much less horrid..

some recent excerpts:

Today, I discovered that my 15 year old girl had hidden a disgusting porn film in the "future career" folder. FML

Today, I was babysitting for a new family. While the father was telling me about bed times and how to reach him, their dog started humping my leg. As I tried to discretely push the dog away, his paw got caught in the pocket of my huge sweatpants, pulling them down. I was wearing a thong. FML

Today, I decided to eat at this new cafe near my apartment. When I sat down a super flamboyant waiter came up to me and asked for my order. I asked him what he recommended. He said "to be honest honey, you could go for the salad." I just got out of an eating disorders rehab and put on 30 pounds. FML

Today I was at my job as a shift manager at a fast food restaurant. Our company policy states that all employees must be clean shaven before coming to work. My boss told me that I had to inform one of the employees, Kris, that they had to shave before they could clock in. Kris is a woman. FML

now youre in the know!

SAY IT AINT SO..MY HEART CANT TAKE IT rumor on these tough atl streets is that t.i.p harris [hubby] and ratchet ass tiny are secretly eloping?? needless to say my heart shattered into a million pieces upon hearing the news.. NOT because i think its true.. simply because i'm his ride or die..jail & all..

though i smile in her face every time i see her in saks. dont get it twisted..
i am sooo not a fan of hers.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Are slow jams meant to make you feel better..or worse?

Why do people look down on CAU compared to Morehouse/Spelman?

When did ATL decide to be so cold in the spring..and where was my warning angel?

Why is it that the most ratchet of hoes always has on the highest heels and cant walk in them?

When did the notion of not matching get hot?

Why is public safety soooo thirsty ?

WHAT was Mariah thinking when she said "i do"?

Why do people always get the wrong impression of me?

Do people who stand in parking spots to "save them" really think i wouldnt hit them?

Why the Name?

Well, to be very frank and thusly potentially off putting. I'm the baddest bitch you'll ever meet. I'm one of those girls who you'd she end up like this? Well being the combination of Morrocan and Ghanian Parents who grew up in rural West Virginia..then moved to the hustle, bustle, and daily drama of the DMV..You won't understand. I'm a collaboration of soft and hard, sweet and vengeful, luxurious and bummy..all my life i've been searching for a niche to fit into..but after 18 years..looks like the niche is going to have to find me..I'm unique and I would'nt even try to "describe myself in 3 words" .. 3 million would be prefferable but still wouldn't do the job.